Month: September 2008

If Wall Street Were a Junkie…

Originally published in 2008. If Wall Street were a junkie, the bailout would be “enabling.” Wall St. doesn’t need to be enabled any longer: Wall St. needs rehab. And the bailout wouldn’t rehabilitate anything. If Wall St. were the head of a household that depended […]

Clay Aiken Finally Came Out: Big. Fat. Hairy. Deal.

Originally published in 2008. http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20228488,00.html I’m just unable to generate any excitement over Clay Aiken’s brave decision, now that he’s independently wealthy and has a baby made of his own sperm to prove his virility, to come out of the closet. I saw how he […]

Looking Again at Transactional Analysis

Originally published in 2008.

For some reason lately I’ve been thinking about Transactional Analysis, or TA.

Being a bookish (read: nerdy) child of the ’70s, I came of age in the days of I’m OK—You’re OK, and because it was on the New York Times Bestseller List during my junior-high years, when I became old enough to want to flee the Juveniles section of the library for the “Adults” section, it was never not in my consciousness as a self-help classic.

I’ve read lots and lots of self-help and advice books, and I’ve taken Youth Effectiveness Training and looked at philosophy and psychology and the Myers-Briggs and the Enneagram, and I got myself a Master of Theological Studies degree, and one might think that I had had enough of studying ways of deconstructing human relationships… But one would be wrong.

It’s kind of funny to me, this move toward ’70s wisdom, because just a couple months ago I felt an urge to revisit Fritz Perls’ “Gestalt Prayer.” I guess it’s a function of being a child of the ’70s. Nostalgia? Returning to one’s roots? Surely I’m more a product of my environment than I like to admit.

Oh. Here’s a link to a review of I’m OK—You’re OK that I thought was interesting as I was compiling the links for this entry.

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Bailout = US Treasury as Slush Fund

I dunno… I have this creeping dread that what I’m about to say will cost me my Progressive credentials or something. It somehow feels creepily… Conservative… The people who want The Bailout want to use the US Treasury as their slush fund. Back when I […]

Notes on Liberal and Conservative

from my comments to a friend’s LiveJournal blog: I find that “liberal” and “conservative” just don’t work for me… Even “progressive” is becoming meaningless. If the Democratic Party were still the party of FDR, I’d feel more comfortable calling myself Progressive because I think that […]

What She Said, Too!

Lipstick on a Wingnut


I’ve been saying this for seven years: the fact that we didn’t deserve it doesn’t mean we didn’t have it coming. I met a traveller from an antique land Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone Stand in the desert. Near them on […]

McCain: I Don’t Know How He Dares

Just saw a message of which McCain approved in which he blamed the Democrats for high gasoline prices in Ohio because the Dems won’t allow offshore drilling. At least he doesn’t have a law degree. If he did I might feel compelled to tear up […]

What She Said! (link fixed)

Re: Sarah Palin:

Damn. I still can’t say it better than Ellen Goodman.

Sandi asked me a good question today: She wondered how far down the list he had to go before McCain found a piece of work like this to run with him.


I’m sorry, but I must count myself among those who say that it’s just unmitigated hypocrisy that a vice presidential candidate who bars the teaching of birth control in schools would be running while her minor daughter living under her roof is carrying a child […]