Another Harangue on the So-Called “Law of Attraction”

Another Harangue on the So-Called “Law of Attraction”

I thought I was finished with having to criticize this after the furor over the 2006 movie and book The Secret died down, but the so-called “Law of Attraction” has been coming back into conversations lately, probably thanks in part to my association with a […]

Stephen Hawking and My Unbelief

The world got the word today that Stephen Hawking has died. He had a huge influence on my metaphysics because of his statement that a creator–God–was not required in order for there to be a Big Bang. It was at that point that I felt […]

A Prosaic Interpretation of Kipling’s “If”

A PROSAIC INTERPRETATION OF KIPLING’S “IF” FOR THE DAWN OF THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY Originally published in 2003. Here are some reliable indicators of having reached real maturity. If you manifest them, rest assured that you’ll be unhindered in your ability to create and appreciate as […]