Today on my Facebook page, when I talked about going to the local rally in solidarity with the kids who had organized the March for Our Lives in DC, a friend of a friend said this to me: “Owning a gun or buying a gun […]


Originally published in 2008 As I watched Barack Obama give his victory speech, I felt so proud of us, at least the 52% of us, who made this happen. His words made me hopeful for healing that can extend across the world. In the Frontline […]

Who Says a Beauty Pageant Isn’t Good Prep for Politics?

Who Says a Beauty Pageant Isn’t Good Prep for Politics?

Originally published in 2008. If you don’t want your sexuality brought into the analysis of the debate, then I advise not wearing your come-fuck-me pumps onstage. Sorry, evangelical “feminists.” The heels are fair game. You’re the moose-hunter, Gov. Palin—you know that success is all about […]

Perhaps Not Absolutely Anti-Bailout

Originally published in 2008. Watching the 5:00 evening news and seeing that The Bailout passed the House (Need I have checked to verify that Deb Pryce voted for it? No, but I did anyway because I’m a responsible writer.), I realized that there might, theoretically, […]

If Wall Street Were a Junkie…

Originally published in 2008. If Wall Street were a junkie, the bailout would be “enabling.” Wall St. doesn’t need to be enabled any longer: Wall St. needs rehab. And the bailout wouldn’t rehabilitate anything. If Wall St. were the head of a household that depended […]

Bailout = US Treasury as Slush Fund

I dunno… I have this creeping dread that what I’m about to say will cost me my Progressive credentials or something. It somehow feels creepily… Conservative… The people who want The Bailout want to use the US Treasury as their slush fund. Back when I […]