How is a pastor like a dental hygienist?

I ran across some notes I made once after hearing a good message from Dr. Charles Stanley. I don’t agree with all his dogma by any means, so I won’t recommend him in toto, but his message on a particular Sunday morning was a pretty […]

By popular request

These days I’m familiar with more and more people who are seeking less preacher-centric relationships with their Higher Power. I’m one of those people as well. In my past I held offices in churches, studied to be an elder, served on committees, and directed choirs, […]

Doug Tennant is AWESOME!!

Wonder of wonders this morning. I was googling the title of a book (Praying with the Earth: A Prayerbook for Peace) I copied and pasted from a friend’s post and inadvertently included Facebook’s “like” link in the paste, and somehow that google brought up a […]

Bring in the new!

Transitions. Out with the old, in with the new. Standing on a precipice, ready to cross a threshold, but don’t step timidly, LEAP!   Think about it. You step and expect to find solid ground, and you’re thrown off balance and begin to plummet when […]

All my life’s a circle

This will at least weed out the big Harry Chapin fans among you. Life takes us where we allow it, with the choices we make along the way. Sometimes we coast on the stream and allow others to make the choices, often we make choices […]

I’m the guy who throws the party

My mom told me once that my dad didn’t want any more kids. They had my two older brothers and after 8 years my sister was born and he was happy, he had a princess. But my mom convinced him my sister shouldn’t grow up […]

Thoughts and counsel 1

I believe deep in my heart that the universe demands balance on myriad levels. It is a curse for anyone who feels compelled to create, to also have a need to be destructive, yin yang. A great many of us artistic people learn early on […]

On the inside

I wish I was an old man, my days all lived behind me. Mistakes all made, my dreams gone gray, no long sighs left to sigh. For if I was an old man, my trials would soon be over. I’d burn this hoe, and these […]

Tongue embedded firmly in cheek, Merry Christmas!

As I was visiting mom in rehab this evening an old familiar Rankin/Bass favorite came on the telly. Yes, it is that time of year again: ho, ho, ho, and I am compelled to share with you a story, a tale, a reckoning. All my […]

When God Left the Building

When I was a kid at Minerva Elementary (known then as Mary Irene Day Elementary), they took God out of the school, and I never noticed. Because you know, it wasn’t like they dragged him kicking and screaming from the building. He wasn’t even sternly […]