The Lifestyle LeFey

Thirty or forty years ago, “lifestyle” would have referred to the fact that we’re a gay couple, living an “alternative” lifestyle.

These days, what’s alternative about our lifestyle, we think, is more along the lines that our home is primarily art studio, with some living space carved out. Or you could call the fact that we’re more likely to shop for something in a thrift store than in a popular retail outlet a “lifestyle choice.”

A lot of people, when they refer to lifestyle, refer to a home’s kitchen: lifestyle has to do with whether you like simple or complicated recipes, or whether you favor the cuisine of a particular part of the world.

Our kitchen is heavily influenced by the fact that Grey has celiac disease and Khrysso has diabetes and cardiovascular disease. A lot of what we make is dependent on the many foods we avoid: wheat, rye,  and barley and all their derivatives, red meat, salt, sugar, and starches/carbs, that is. Not everybody in the house avoids all those foods at the same time, but it’s sort of like winning the Triple Crown when you can make one food that’s safe for all.

Khrysso was vegetarian for 13 years and still appreciates meat-free recipes—still loves fried tofu, in fact.

In our recipe section, we will focus heavily, but not exclusively, on gluten free and low-carb recipes. As adherents to the paleo diet can appreciate, foods that have no starch in them have, by extension, no gluten, since gluten proteins only grow within certain starchy plants.

In addition, we’re pretty crafty guys, and we’re happy to share the decor and solutions we live with: more of our “lifestyle.”